EMx4-EMx4i Digital Soft Starter

The EMX4 series offers versatile motor control and protection, in a compact and user-friendly package.

Optimised for pumping and compressor-related applications, the EMX4i includes addtional features such as soft braking and auto-scheduling.


  • Compact design saves valuable space within your motor control panel.
  • Full graphical display with support for multiple languages. A simple menu structure with quick setup option makes it easy to commission and maintain your system.
  • Remote keypad option provides full remote control and graphical monitoring in place of separate meters and insterface
  • Adaptive control provides optimal start and stop in pumping applications, eliminating water  hammer
  • On-board USB provides quick setup and backup of starting parameters to greatly improve the level of in-filed  support and minimise downtime.
  • Internal  bypass across the entire range
  • Integrate your starter with external or a communications network, using slot-in accessory modules