LX 8 Programmable Logic Controller

We are offering of LX 8 Programmable Logic Controller.

Main Characteristics

  • Built-In EtherNet
  • Support 4 x Comm. Port
  • High Speed Serial Port (115.2K)
  • Support Variable Network Pass-
  • Powerful Instruction
  • Small Size
  • Enough Memory
  • Support SD Card
  • Expandable IO module like
    Remote I/O
  • 3 Step Powerful Password
  • Load Sharing Power Supply
  • Web Monitoring
  • Powerful Position (Including
    Motion Functions)
  • 1,400 points on Small PLC
  • Backup to SD Card (Data Log,Program), Recipe
    Free Software
    Online Editing
    Support Multi-Languages
    Support Win XP/Vista/7(32/64bit)

Basic Specification

  • 4 Communication Channel
    • EtherNet , USB, 2 x RS232/485
    987KByte Program Memory
    128KByte Data Memory
    0.1~0.3?Sec Basic Instruction Speed
  • Embedded IO
    • LX8-14DDT
    – 8 High Speed Input
    – 4CH 100kHz HSC
  • 6 Fast FET Output (100kHz PTO)
    • LX8-16DDR
    – 8 High Speed Input
    – 4CH 100KHz HSC
    • LX8-32DDT
    – 12 High Speed Input
    – 6CH 100kHz HSC
    – 6 Fast FET Output, 10 Normal Output
    Supports 4G SD Memory Card
    Datalog, Recipe

Additional Information:

  • Use LXGPC Software

IO Modules

  • DI : XN16/32/64
  • DO: YN16/32/64, YR16
  • AI:AI8, RT6, TC6
  • AO: AO4
  • Special: Network, Motion(1,2,4) , SCU2,
    HSC2, etc.

LX 7 Series Micro Logic Controller

With our vast industrial experience, we have came up with a wide range of Micro Logic Controller. Ideal for simple applications, our offered range is compact yet its big on performance that provides high-speed advanced networking and a full suite of control capabilities. Besides, patrons can easily avail all our products as per their requirements.


  • Control 10, 14, 20, 28, 40, 48 digital I/O ports
  • 2 serial ports (1 RS-232C, 1 50485 with module RTU)
  • Program memory size up to 2K words
  • Built-in backup flash memory
  • Built-in HSC, pulse output (for TR output module only)


  • Basic control to 28,48 points and up to 104 digital I/O points
  • Expansion up-to two modules each of 28 points
  • 2 serial ports (2 RS232C/RS485 with modbus RTU)
  • Program memory size up 9K words
  • Built-in HSC, pulse catch, pulse output (for ‘TR output module)
  • Built-in real-time clock, PID function

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: LX-7-Series

Programmable Logic Controller

With the aid of our vast manufacturing unit, we are engaged in offering a wide range of Programmable Logic Controller. All our products are manufactured and developed following the international quality norms and standard at our vendor-base. To meet the varied requirements of our customers, we also offer our range is various specifications.


  • Fast, powerful processors, high speed basic instructions-performance-0.2 sec/STEP
  • Control up to 384 digital I/O points that allows up to 384 points (192 points using terminal blocks)
  • Various I/O types & specialty modules
  • Digital in: 24V dc (16 point. 32 point), 110V ac, 220V ac
  • Digital out: Relay, transistor (16 point, 32 point), SSR, combo I/O
  • Special I/O: A/D (8Ch. 4Ch), D/A (4Ch, 2Ch). RTD (4Ch), TC (4Ch), Pulse (4Ch HSC) SCU (2Ch serial data comm.) and link network
  • Range of I/O base options (up to 12 slot) when configuring a system that enables the user to choose a backplane from 2.3. 5, 6, 8. 10 and 12 slots
  • High capacity programming and memory backup option program memory size is from 9.6k words (LX70-CPU70P1) up to 20k words (for LX70-CPU70P2). Built-in flash EEPROM retains all ladder logic
  • Built-in PID capabilities and supports 8-loop PID controls (Only for LX70-CPU7OPi module)
  • Built-in RTC (Real time clock) that supports programming by time and date. (Only for LX70-CPU70P2 module)
  • Built-in RS 232C and RS 485.2 port (LX70-CPU70P2 module) Two communication channels for simple connectivity to computers, operator interface, modem and other controllers to exchange large volumes of data with high speed
  • Superior diagnostics, self-diagnostics to minimize system errors and to maximize diagnostic efficiency
  • LX soft programming software LX soft programming software let create, modify and monitor CPU, forced I/O, I/O configuration. It is a powerful easy-to-use tool for program upload / download
  • Data memory up to 4K words
  • 28 basic and 147 advanced instructions

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: LX-70-Series

LX 700 Series Programmable Logic Controller

The LX700 series give you the capability to control a medium
scale system with ease.With its remote I/O and various
networking configurations, it is best suited for applications
combining multiple devices spread overr a large installation.


  • Control up to 1600 digital I/O points
  • Flexible and specialty I/O modules
  • Range of I/O base opt on (from 3 to 12 slots)
  • Built-in real T me clock (RTC) & 8 loop PID control
  • Up to 96 slave nodes can be connected using remote I/O master and remote I/O slave
  • Peer – Peer communications for data sharing and remote programming possible with MW-LINK module
  • Serial common cat on unit (SCU) comes with 2 signal ports for add tonal communication requirements
  • 2 serial ports (RS232C/RS485 with modbus RTU / user defined protocol) with baud rate up to 38400 bps

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: LX-700-Series

Programmable Logic Control Type: Lx

Features of LX7S

  • Control 10,14,20,28,40,48 digital I/O points
  • 2 serial ports ( 1 RS-232c, 1 RS485 with Module RTU)
  • Program memory size up to 2k words
  • Bulit-in backup flash memory
  • Bulit-in HSC, Pulse output(for TR output module only)