IP66 / NEMA 4X Series: Sx2000

Sx2000 provides protection against harsh environmental
conditions by restrcting entry of foreign substances such
as fine dust and high-pressure water spray.
Satisfies NEMA standard type 4X for indoor use.
• Range: 0.75kW to 30kW (ND)

HVAC Series:Hx2000

Hx2000 sets the standard for the drive industry by
introducing the Innovative Energy Reduction,
Environment friendly & HVAC System that incorporates
the outstanding energy saving benefits of the Hx2000 for
fan & pump application.
• Range: 0.75kW to 90kW

Lift Series:Lx2000

The Lx2000 is designed specifically to add power to
elevator performance. Built to L&T’s stringent quality
standards, the Lx2000 is tested and certified to meet
global benchmarks, thus giving you the assurance of total
reliability. It is engineered to keep your elevator operating
at optimum efficiency, even in the hot, humid and dusty
conditions that characterise harsh environments.
• Range: 3.7kW to 22kW (HD)

Regenerative Braking Unit


Braking torque: 150% for 1s, 100% for 100s, 35%
Continuous operation
Range: 7.5kW to 280kW

Soft Starter: Standard Applications


• Built-in Bypass Contactor
• Soft start / Soft stop
• Complements existing motor protection
• Truly plug & play
• Communication options available
Range: 7.5 to 110kW

Soft Starter: Standard Applications
Soft Starter


• Built-in bypass contactor
• Soft start / soft stop / adjustable current limit
• Essential motor protections against:
• Overload & single phasing
• Instantaneous overcurrent
• Phase sequence reversal
• Abnormality in supply
• Unbalanced current
• Thermistor protection through PTC
• Excess start time setting
• Communication and PC Interface options available
Range: 7.5 to 110kW

Soft Starter

• 3-Phase operation control
• Built-in bypass contactor till 1000A
• XLR-8 adaptive acceleration & deceleration control for
• Conformal coated PCB
• Electronic motor overload protection
• 99 event logs with time stamping, Last 8 trip logs
• Operating Temp 500C
• 5DI, 4DO, 1AO
• Communication options available
• Control voltage from 94VAC to 484VAC current
• Forward / reverse Jog
• Comprehensive motor protection
• Large LCD detachable keypad
• 2 motor data sets
• Fully programmable overload trip
• Built-in RTD & thermistor inputs
• Auto detection of inline or inside delta power connection
• Programmable auto start/stop
• Power through operation allows to run soft starter even with
one SCR shorted
• I/O expansion card (optional)
Centrifugal pump, compressors, conveyor, crusher, fan, etc.
Range: 23A to 1600A

HMI: Ln Touch


  • Multilanguage
  • Extended alarms, recipe
    • Data logging, trends
    • Graphics
    • Password Protection
    • Communication option: Serial / Ethernet / Fieldbus
    Range: 4.3” to 15″ Touch Screen with 7 models

PLC: LX7 / LX7s

• Basic control
• Enables 2 expansion units
• 2 Serial Ports (2 RS232C/RS485 with Modbus RTU)
• Built-in HSC, Pulse Catch, Pulse output (for TR output
unit), RTC
Range: 28, 48 & up to 104 I/O points


• Powerful communication
• Built-in 100 Mbps Ethernet port
Built-in USB port
2 x High-speed serial port (115.2K)
• Built-in HSC & PTO
• 4CH 100KHz HSC
• 6CH 100KHz PTO
• Supports 4GB SD memory card
• Backup to SD card (data Log, program), recipe
• Web monitoring
• Supports various communication protocols
• Ethernet based protocols: etherNet/IP, modbus/TCP,
HTTP (Web) server
• Serial protocol: Modbus/RTU, ASCII
• Built-in PID function
• 3-layered security function
• Combination of 12 bytes of alphabets, numbers,
and symbols
• Password-assignable : master password, system
password & password for each ladder
• Expandable IO module like remote I/O
• LXGPC – programming software
• Online editing (insert, delete, modify, undo)
Range: 14 to 2560 I/O points